About Jessie Gaworecki, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

About Jessie Gaworecki, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

She is a certified RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance and a certified Reiki Level II practitioner. Jessie is passionate about the power of integrating the body, mind, and spirit; using her knowledge of clinical practice, Eastern philosophies, and movement systems to inform her work with individuals and groups. She facilitates the experience of healing and well-being through movement, creativity, and ecotherapy.

Jessie will be providing an Empowerment Hour group. Join us and experience stepping into the full embodiment of your personal power. Through a blend of movement practices, writing, mindfulness, and creative arts we will create a solid foundation on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. This foundation is essential for moving forward into the future with an integrated sense of strength, inspiration, and stability. The group will be a space to encourage individua expression and personal growth in a safe and affirming environment. Cost is $50 per session. Dates are January 11 and February 1, 2020.

6 N West St, Suite 5
Homer, NY 13077

(607) 662-4141

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