Honoring our Community Members

We are excited to post this month's blog for Black History Month spotlighting two special community members. Among the handful of African American business owners in Cortland County; Darris McDowell and Tylisha Dennis stand out. Darris Owner of The Squeeze juice bar and Tylisha owner of Ty's Cuisine are located in the heart of the city of Cortland on Main...[ read more ]

Introduction to the Wellness Wheel

Years ago, I won’t say how many, I learned about Dr. Bill Hettler and his model for the first Wellness Wheel.  Dr Bill Hettler’s wellness wheel had Six Dimensions including Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotional.  Since his conceptualization of the wheel, others have added other dimensions such as Financial and Environmental.  This idea was profound to me then...[ read more ]

Discover YOUniversity

I had a client once ask me about how you become a better, parent, partner or person.  We had just talked about the family dynamics which may have impacted this person's life.  She was feeling that what was modeled for her or given to her through DNA left her without tools to parent well or partner well.  My response was,...[ read more ]

The Best Intentions

I’ve never described myself as an athlete. For years my joke was “my sport in high school was marching band.” So it’s surprising that now much of my free time is spent in some kind of physical activity. The last eight years have been experiments in MMA, weightlifting, running, CrossFit, and yoga. In each there exists a myriad of benchmark...[ read more ]

Welcome, we are Holding Space for you,

Holding Space, this is a term that many therapists have discussed and used frequently when talking about being present for and to their clients.  I have thought about this “Holding Space” term and for those of you not familiar, I wanted to share some thoughts. Holding Space for someone is a gift.  In “days of old” (Not quite sure what...[ read more ]

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