Discover YOUniversity

Discover YOUniversity

I had a client once ask me about how you become a better, parent, partner or person.  We had just talked about the family dynamics which may have impacted this person’s life.  She was feeling that what was modeled for her or given to her through DNA left her without tools to parent well or partner well.  My response was, “you get to know yourself”.

Please don’t misunderstand, I am in no way bashing or criticizing parents or teachers or others, what I am saying is that the human condition always allows us the opportunity for growth.  But what the heck is growth? Scrolling through Face Book, Instagram or other social media will show proof of the culture of our society, which is about acceptance of self while seemingly diametrically opposed suggests movement toward a different mindset or behavior. These motivational yet often compact statements give a glimpse of what the achievement of self-growth looks like.  However, the recipe to do so is not following the cute little saying.  Notice how they are usually pretty too…… So enticing aren’t they.  Anyway…..  Then how do we do it? How do we grow?  What do we need to grow?  What areas do we need to grow in?

All of these are questions are answered by each of us differently according to our own uniqueness.  Some of us will seek out books, videos or perhaps Audible.  Some of us will seek out education.  Some of us will seek out people, friends, family.  Some of us will be happy in the status quo because, Hey, it ain’t so bad”.

Well I am offering to you Discover YOUniversity.  Discover YOUniversity is a way for you to look at various facets of your life.  My hope is to take the quotes and pretty statements that abound on social media and give a pathway to awareness, assessment and possibly growth.  I will be starting with an overall look at who we human beings are through Dr. Bill Hettler’s Wellness Wheel.

So, stay tuned and I look forward to hearing from you about your amazing journey.

Life is an adventure to be lived.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life



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