Introduction to the Wellness Wheel

Introduction to the Wellness Wheel

Years ago, I won’t say how many, I learned about Dr. Bill Hettler and his model for the first Wellness Wheel.  Dr Bill Hettler’s wellness wheel had Six Dimensions including Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotional.  Since his conceptualization of the wheel, others have added other dimensions such as Financial and Environmental.  This idea was profound to me then and remains so today.  So much so has this idea influenced my life, that I incorporated a visual representation of it into the Homer Counseling and Wellness logo.

Each facet of the wheel is a different area which we can attend to, or not, attempting to gain increased overall health for our entire system.  It is a concrete and fairly simple way to assess for strengths and weaknesses and then create goals for the areas in which we choose due to lack of attention to them.  So impactful has this concept become that when you Google “Wellness Wheel” the first few sites are academic institutions such as N.W. Missouri, Clarion, and Princeton.  What these colleges and universities are keenly aware of is that the overall health and well being of their student population determines in a large part to their success.  There are many other Wellness Wheel listings to be found in a Google search all of which indicate the new-found importance of this concept in our overall wellness.

As Spring and the time for renewal approaches, I will provide you with a look at the Wellness Wheel and the different sections.  Each week for the next Eight Weeks we will address each component so that you can take some time to think about that dimension in your life.  During the eight weeks we will complete an assessment activity to enable you to think about changes you might want to make later.

I hope you find it helpful and I look forward to hearing from you

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