Welcome, we are Holding Space for you,

Welcome, we are Holding Space for you,

Holding Space, this is a term that many therapists have discussed and used frequently when talking about being present for and to their clients.  I have thought about this “Holding Space” term and for those of you not familiar, I wanted to share some thoughts.

Holding Space for someone is a gift.  In “days of old” (Not quite sure what to call the 50’s through the 80’s) it might be your grandma waiting for you to come and talk to her and spend time with her as she poured love and adoration from her being onto you. If you had a grandmother, father, or anyone in your life who did this, they held space for you. There was a space and place in their heart which they held for you while they waited to see you, to talk to you, to BE WITH you. This feeling of being accepted, and being given unconditional love, time and attention is indescribable for me now, in this moment. Because being who we are and what we are while being fully accepted and embraced for it seems so different from our daily experiences.  But I bet you can imagine it.

When we “Hold Space for someone it’s not just being in a room listening, though that is what it looks like from the outside.  Being present with someone in a room is being ready, willing and able to accept anything that they bring, in that moment. It’s one soul speaking to another sometimes through words, sounds, or through body language, or what I believe, shared energy. Embracing that held space means that an individual has time uninterrupted by outside disturbances to be who they are while they move through time and space toward their future selves.  In that time, we can allow ourselves to fully explore the depths of our emotions and experiences.  So, while I hold space for those I see in my office, my hope is they embrace the held space for themselves to come and be, feel and explore as their inner light reveals itself and its wisdom to both of us.

So Welcome, welcome to Homer Counseling and Wellness.  We invite you to come have a seat and enjoy the space we hold for you.  It waits here for you when you are ready.

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